For four years, Catherine was the Life Advice columnist for Alternatives Magazine, a quarterly journal widely distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Fall 2005

Dear Catherine, My husband and I are the parents of a three-year-old girl who has brought us amazing joy. She was a "surprise baby";, and we would like for her to have a … [Read more...]

Spring 2006

Dear Catherine, My husband died five years ago. Though I am no longer in what I would call a state of grief, I find that any strong sense of meaning has disappeared from my … [Read more...]

Summer 2006

Dear Catherine, Joseph Campbell says, "Follow your bliss," but this can render you broke. It seems to be a choice to follow your bliss, heart, truth, etc., or follow dollars, … [Read more...]

Fall 2006

Dear Catherine, Since my divorce of a few years ago, I have been living in a state of inner peace. Recently, however, I began dating again after meeting a man who is fun and loving but has an eye for … [Read more...]

Winter 2006

Dear Catherine, For the last two years I have thrown myself into my work to distract myself from obsessing about the end of my marriage. However, I now find myself obsessed … [Read more...]

Spring 2007

Dear Catherine, I'm in my early thirties, and I am intelligent and creative in certain ways. I have always had a hard time finding work that I enjoy or even knowing what I want to do. Earlier this … [Read more...]

Summer 2007

Hello Catherine, I have a question about your views on love and marriage. I have been married for twenty-four years, and the connection with my husband has been mainly at the intellectual level … [Read more...]

Fall 2007

Dear Catherine, I am a woman who feels happy with my life. I'm healthy, in a loving relationship, and enjoy my friends, family, and work. Yet, I often feel bothered by our society's obsession with … [Read more...]

Winter 2007

Dear Catherine, As an eighteen-year-old girl, I am plagued with comparing myself to others and most of the time feel that I am less smart, less beautiful, and less talented. Even though I'm an A … [Read more...]

Spring 2008

Dear Catherine, My son is involved in a very passionate relationship of continual high drama and struggle, and he seems deeply unhappy. However, he thinks he is madly in love. I do not like or trust … [Read more...]

Summer 2008

Dear Catherine, My question is about right livelihood and more specifically about right money. I inherited some investments from my parents, and those investments are in some industries that I really … [Read more...]

Fall 2008

Dear Catherine, I live in Oregon and was raised in a family with progressive values. We were into recycling and green philosophy long before it became fashionable, and my dad always taught us to live … [Read more...]

Winter 2008

Dear Catherine, I was born and raised an Irish Catholic. From the time I was young I had no interest in Catholicism or any other religion, but it seems that the feelings of guilt and a distrust of … [Read more...]

Summer 2009

Dear Catherine, How important is it to process negative feelings in a relationship or friendship? One of my friends feels the need to almost constantly be delving into issues between the two of us or … [Read more...]

Winter 2009

Dear Catherine, In the recent economic crash, my family lost a great deal of their wealth. It was not just on paper (or, more accurately, the computer screen) since we sold at great losses to prevent … [Read more...]