Passionate Presence: Information

Passionate Presence:
Seven Qualities of Awakened Awareness

by Catherine Ingram
Published in the U.S. by Gotham Books, a division of Penguin Putnam (2002)

Foreign editions of Passionate Presence are available in U.K., Australia, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Finland, Poland, Sweden, India.

Passionate Presence explores the qualities of Tenderness, Genuineness, Embodiment, Discernment, Silence, Delight, and Wonder that occur when we are in natural awareness.

Praise for the Book

“The golden thread that runs through Catherine Ingram’s excellent book is the possibility of immediate awakening. Her writing clearly flows out of her own realization, rather than just an intellectual understanding of spiritual truth. If you are willing for suffering to come to an end, the act of reading her words can become an awakening.”
— Eckhart Tolle, Author of The Power of Now

“This book helps us remember the radiant depth inside us, the true wealth, the soul. Catherine Ingram has done beautiful work here.”
— Coleman Barks, author of The Essential Rumi

“A reminder to the heart of sacred presence. Wise, tender, simple-Passionate Presence reads like a sigh of relaxation.”
-Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

“Wow! Catherine Ingram is a modern day mystical poet. Her insights on divine living are at once scientific and poetic, rooted and lyrical, simple and profound. It is as if all of the burning questions in our collective hearts reached God’s ears and Catherine Ingram was the reply. She makes living and aliveness look so easy. Her wisdom and clarity are matched only by her eloquence and dearness. Move over Rumi and Hafiz, there’s a new kid in town.”
-Moon Unit Zappa, actress, author of America the Beautiful

“Catherine speaks gracefully and insistently of the simple, present, and yet totally surprising and fresh recognition of oneself as that which is. Devoid of “how-to’s” her book is a refreshing reminder of just how close real fulfillment is.”
-Gangaji, spiritual teacher and author of The Diamond in Your Pocket

“As I read Passionate Presence and it became more convincing and compelling, I was enraged. As one who has spent his life fighting against the current, Catherine Ingram was bringing the news that my destination lay downstream and that it was possible to drift effortlessly to it.”
-John Boorman, film director, Deliverance, The Emerald Forest

“Catherine Ingram brings a warm-hearted clarity to her spiritual teaching. She is wise and incisive, holding the teachings with a depth of understanding and a great lightness of spirit. Her perspective will illuminate, challenge and inspire many on the path.”
-Joseph Goldstein, author of One Dharma

“Catherine Ingram has been a gift beyond measure in my life. Her clarity, her luminosity, and her ordinary yet extraordinary presence are a steadfast reminder that we are already whole, home, free. Let yourself have the gift of her words. Give yourself that much.”
-Geneen Roth, author When Food is Love and Feeding the Hungry Heart

“It took years of suffering and prayer to find the voice for this book.” – Andrew Harvey, author of The Way of Passion

“Catherine Ingram is a compelling force in the Western spiritual Arena. Her fierce intelligence, heartfelt compassion, and clear perspective on the very human situations of daily life combine in a distinctive articulation of spiritual truths.”
— Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Faith

“Brimming with clarity, wisdom, and warmheartedness, Catherine Ingram embodies the spirit of her message.”
-Tara Bennet Goleman, author of Emotional Alchemy and Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

“Catherine Ingram is a jewel. With warm and loving presence and a shining intelligence, she guides us into Being where it is we ourselves, then, who become warm and loving and infused with a radiant clarity. She is a delight to spend time with as a teacher, a guide and a spiritual friend, and her words, both spoken and written, inspire the mind and move the heart to the depths of wisdom and compassion each of us long to experience.”
-Nina Wise, author of A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life

“Catherine Ingram is one of those rare beings who not only embodies wisdom but can also articulate and transmit that wisdom to others. Her teaching brings us the ring of truth, wrapped in beautiful metaphors and stories, and presented with a humorous and loving quality that is the mark of a true spiritual master. Her presence is a present to us, a gift to all those who want to learn how to love and be free.”
-Wes Nisker, author of Einstein and Buddha

“Catherine Ingram is one of the pioneers in bringing the wisdom of the East to America. As Clarissa Estes and Robert Bly did for Jungian psychology, Catherine has done for contemplative practice. Noted as a teacher, workshop leader and writer, she has helped many with her fresh voice and clear mind.”
-Mark Epstein, author of Thoughts Without a Thinker and Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart