Articles about Catherine

Heart to Heart

An Interview with Catherine Ingram by Beth Draper
Cape Healing Arts, Spring 2006

A Thunderstorm in the Open Sky:
On Suffering and Freedom

An Interview with Catherine Ingram by Peter Moore
Quest Journal, August 1994

The Art Of Silent Dialogue

The Irish Independent, June 15 1997

An Interview with Catherine Ingram
by Marjolein Wolf

Koorddanser Journal (Amsterdam), October 1998

Delving into ‘Dharma Dialogues’

The Oregonian, Saturday, January 30, 1999

Choosing Freedom Through Spiritual Life

The Woman’s Journal, July 1999

Selected Articles by Catherine

Where the Twain Did Meet: The Transpersonal Psychology Conference in Bombay

Article, New Age Journal June 1982

Buddhist Group Works for Animal Welfare

Feature Story, New Age Journal, June 1983

“I Don’t Believe in Anything”: An Interview with Krishnamurti

Cover Story, East West Journal, July 1983

Interview with Brother David Steindl-Rast

Feature Story, New Age Journal, September 1983

The Greening of the Blackboard: Bringing Education to Life

Education Special Section, East West Journal, September 1983

Terrorism in Tibet

Feature Story, New Age Journal, December 1983

“Wisdom Is Wherever You Find It”: A Conversation with Gary Snyder

Feature Story, The Vajradhatu Sun, December 1983

Hungering For An End To War

Feature Story, New Age Journal

An Interview with the Dalai Lama: On Social Action and Tsampa

Feature Story, East West Journal, February 1984

Meditation in Action: An Interview with Thich Nhat Hanh

Feature Story, Yoga Journal, July/August 1984

Cambodian Dilemma, A Refugee Monk Seeks the Middle Way

Cover Story, The Vajradhatu Sun, October/November 1984

The Gandhi of Sri Lanka: An Interview with A.T. Ariyaratne

Cover Story, Inquiring Mind, Summer 1985;
Feature Story, Heartwood, Summer 1985

Far From Home: Refugees

Cover Story, Heartwood (Canada), Winter 1985

The Hot Season: A Report from the Thai/Cambodian Border

Feature Story, The Vajradhatu Sun, April/May 1986

The Blaming of the Wild

Feature Story, Inquiring Mind, February 1987;

Feature Story, New Catalyst, Winter 1989;

Essay, Utne Reader; July/August 1989

Aging Beauties

Feature Essay, San Francisco Chronicle, February 12, 1987

Awakening the Mind: Vipassana Takes Hold in America

Cover Story, Yoga Journal, March/April 1987

The Pundit of Transpersonal Psychology: An Interview with Ken Wilber

Cover Story, Yoga Journal, September/October, 1987

Should We Play God? An Interview with Jeremy Rifkin

Feature Story, Yoga Journal, January/February 1988

Interview with Desmond Tutu

Feature Story, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Fall 1989

The Dalai Lama in Depth: An Intimate Look at Tibet’s “Prince of Peace”

Cover Story, Yoga Journal, January/February 1990

The Legacy of the Wild: An Interview with Gary Snyder

Cover Story, The Sun, April 1990

On Psychology and Insight Meditation: An Interview with Alan Clements

Feature Story, The Quest, Summer 1991

Bad Magic: The Failure of Technology
An Interview with Jerry Mander

Cover Story, The Sun, November 1991

Plunge Into Eternity: An Interview with H.W.L. Poonja

Feature Story, Yoga Journal, September/October 1992

Dzogchen: The Secret Teachings of Tibet: An Interview with Lama Surya Das

Feature Story, Yoga Journal, March/April 1993

The Directive Power of Love

Feature Essay, The Quest, Summer 1993

Teachers & Seekers: An Interview with Andrew Harvey

Cover Story, Yoga Journal, August 1995

Stop Pretending

Inner Directions Journal, Spring 1997

Tender Mercies

O: The Oprah Magazine, December 2000

Staring Down the Tiger

O: The Oprah Magazine, March 2003

Getting Through the Night at the End of Days

The Huffington Post, December 2010

Desire Rules

The Huffington Post, June 2011