YouTube Clips of Webcasts with Catherine and Friends

In 2009 and 2010, Catherine did two series of webcasts with friends and colleagues.  Here are a few samples of those conversations.  The full  length webcasts may be purchased as downloads under the Purchase Media > Webcast Replays link on this site.

Living with Fear (9:05)

Catherine and Jack Kornfield, Hawaii, 2010

Optimism for Human Nature (3:51)

Catherine and Jennifer Berrezan; Hawaii, 2010

Awakened Intelligence (4:38)

Catherine and Mark Matousek; Hawaii, 2010

Privilege, Ambition, and Competition (8:01)

Catherine and Mark Matousek, Hawaii 2010

A Non-Anxious Presence (2:38)

Catherine and Alexa Hatton, Hawaii, 2010

What is Progress? (3:28)

Catherine and Wes Nisker; Hawaii, 2010

Time-outs for Grownups (5:02)

Catherine and Dan Clurman; Oakland, 2009

Romantic Obsession (2:32)

Catherine and Dan Clurman, Oakland, 2009